Joshua House for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Joshua House Transitional Living Facility, Tucson

Joshua House is a Christian based transitional living facility for men that educates our residents about the dysfunctions in their lives in a clean and sober environment, with a program that teaches skills necessary to arrest their negative self-defeating behaviors. Over the last eleven years, Joshua House has provided thousands of residents with education based upon a Bio-Psycho-Social concept of learning. Teaching the biology ( Bio ) that is effected by their behaviors, The psychology ( Psycho) or the mental dysfunction or trauma that effects the negative behaviors and then the social ( Social ) that encompasses their involvement in society, be it people, places and things.

Joshua House, a Christian based transitional living facility in TucsonJoshua House has proven highly effective in helping transform our residents into becoming the good Father, Son and Husband that they were intended to be. Joshua House believes everyone has the potential of changing a negative lifestyle and their behaviors, into something personally and socially productive. Our joy comes from assisting in this personal transformation as well as helping society as a whole community.

Empirical data proves that a family with a functional base and Christian core values, tends to be successful. This societal success becomes generational as it is transferred from the parent to the son or daughter. Occasionally, there is a bump in the road. Joshua House helps eliminate the obstruction, re-paves the road and teaches the resident how to travel life's highway as a well adjusted, productive member of our society.

What Joshua House Provides:

Joshua House is a Christian-based non profit organization providing a safe, structured, clean and sober living environment for men 18 years or older.

Joshua House utilizes six furnished units with a maximum of three men per unit.  Each unit has two bedrooms, a large living room, dining room, a full kitchen, backyard and a full bathroom.  Cable TV  is included in each unit.

Joshua House provides a coin operated laundry facility, 4x8 billiard table, weight lifting area,  resident common areas,  and a fire pit with gas grills for BBQ activities.

Joshua House has on-site meetings three nights during the week:

    • MONDAY    7pm to 9pm   Bible Study followed by a house meeting to facilitate communication and to address house issues
    • THURSDAY 7pm to 9pm  Group to address and learn about illicit drug usage, pharmacology, and addictive disorders with a Bio-Psycho-Social modality.
    • SATURDAY 7pm to 9pm   Group typically focused on alcohol issues often using a 12-step self-help format along with group activities and audio/visual aids.

Joshua House offers on site counseling for residents (and family) with a Licensed Certified Counselor.

Joshua House in Tucson,Temporary Living Environment 

Program Fees:

Monthly.......... $550.00


A "Move In" charge of $150 is payable on arrival and
will be applied towards the first month service fee.



Download Joshua House Application (PDF)