Joshua House for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

Joshua House, Tucson, transitional living facilities

Joshua House Rules and Regulations

As a resident of Joshua House, I agree to the following rules and requirements. If I violate any of them, I understand I am either subject to either disciplinary action or termination of this agreement.

I will not protect or hide anyone's behavior that violates the rules set forth for all residents in this agreement.

I understand that my personal property is my own responsibility and JH will not be liable for damage, loss or theft of said property.

I will not loan anything to, or borrow anything from any other resident.

I will consider my roommates by not playing television, radio, stereo, etc so loud that it becomes intrusive.

I will use the sign-in / sign-out board as required, and inform staff of any variations to my schedule. I also understand that no one can sign the board for me and I cannot sign the board for anyone else.

I understand that there will be visitors allowed on Saturday from 7:00am until 6:00pm and Sunday 7:00am to 7:00pm only. I will visit in the common areas only as visitors are not allowed inside resident units.

I will not intimidate or threaten any JH staff or residents. I understand that this would be grounds for immediate termination.

I will not be involved in any type of sexual activity on JH property. I will not possess any pornographic material in any form or format while a resident of Joshua House.

I will not display any type of gang activity or affiliation by my actions or the cloths I wear.

I understand I'm responsible for keeping myself, my unit and the grounds clean at all times.This includes making my bed, washing my own cloths, bedding, towels, dishes, dusting, sweeping, mopping, picking up trash, etc,, and taking care of my personal hygiene and appearance.

I understand that I can work off my community service hours at JH if approved by my parole/probation officer.

I understand that I am not allowed to touch anyone else's property or enter their room without permission from that resident. I understand that other units are out-of-bounds and I will not enter any other unit without the permission of JH staff. All units and resident's personal property are subject to staff search at any time.

I understand that if I am physically and mentally able and intend to continue living in the Tucson area, I am required to actively look for full-time employment.

I understand that NO ONE is allowed to interact with "Micah" the JH drug dog, to feed, pet or tease him. If I do I will be subject to immediate termination.

I understand that lights, TV, radio, stereo, etc.,will be turned off by 10:00pm Monday through Thursday and off by 12:00am Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a courtesy to my roommates.

I will attend all meetings that are required by JH. This includes one each; A Bible study with a  House Meeting, an NA and AA meeting on site at 7:00pm Mon-Thurs-Sat.

I understand that JH encourages me to find a sponsor and to attend other meetings and groups outside those required at JH.

I will attend all court appointed treatment plans but will schedule them around JH's meetings when possible. I will be available to meet with my probation/parole officer at his/her convenience.

I will dress appropriately in community areas which means fully clothed, including shoes and specific items will be addressed at the discretion of staff.

I will not tattoo, pierce, or perform any like activity on myself or anyone else on JH property.

I will not have any pets on-site.

I will not have any weapons of any kind in my possession on JH property.

I will not bring any electrical devices or appliances on JH property without the consent of staff.

I understand that if I have a vehicle, it must have current registration and insurance and be in running condition to be on JH property. If repairs need to br made it must be done at another location.

I will not destroy, deface or make changes to any JH property without prior consent of staff.

I understand that any form of physical or verbal attacks can result in immediate termination and removal from JH property.

I understand that my behavior reflects upon JH and what it stands for. Therefore, JH reserves the right to terminate a resident if found to be displaying abhorrent/anti-social behaviors, on OR off the property.

I understand that the laundry facility have to be used before 10:00pm.

I understand that the weight lifting area in off-limits after 10:00pm.

I understand that no fire is to be made in the fireplace/fire pit without staff consent.

I understand I will be subject to random UA's and BAC testing (drug and alcohol testing).

I will respect all religious and political beliefs and practices of others.

I understand that I will be responsible for my prescribed medications as indicated and will not over/under medicate or give/sell my medications of any kind to other residents or be subject to immediate termination.

I will go to JH staff if I have any grievances or complaints about my roommates or other residents and a meeting will be called between the parties if necessary. If the solution to the complaint is agreed upon, each person must comply. If one party agrees, and the other doesn't, there will be a meeting of JH staff and the majority vote will decide. This may result in a resident being moved to another unit or being terminated, depending upon the issue(s). involved.

I will give at least a (30) day notice of my intention to move.

I understand that JH staff reserves the right to enforce consequences for infractions of any of the rules set here in.


Monthly.......... $550.00